Re-Create Object 2

For my second re-creating of PR Objects, I will be choosing the PR objects which talked about ”Samsung has gained several positive public opinions where many think that Samsung’s new phone is capable of integrating with consumers’ daily lives”. Which belongs to Hosted Event of the PESO under the category of Paid Media & Owned Media.

In the previous sharing of PR Object, I understand how such a PR Campaign can be beneficial for the company as such a campaign has created an excellent brand image for Samsung where they have to send out a message to the public that Samsung is a brand that cares about consumer experience rather than just producing a phone that people need.

Reason for selecting the PR Objects

With the recent pandemic situation, Samsung will not be able to host such PR campaigns for the public. With a lack of an annually hosted event that is targeted to shoppers who shop around the town of Singapore, Samsung has one less strategic communication process that could potentially build mutually beneficial relationships between their organization and their public.

In addition, with the rise in demand for electronic devices like smartphones during this pandemic period. Samsung should continue to look at other strategies to continue to leverage on its reputation of the organization by influencing public opinion.

The Changes Made

The First Change

One of the changes made for Samsung is to tap into a different public. Where knowing that Samsung is already strong in marketing to the youths and adults marketing. I would recommend Samsung to tap into the seniors market. This is because they are not the common target market that other phone brands would like to target on.

In addition, with the situation of the current pandemic, the government has been playing a part in educating the seniors to go digital. Some of the efforts by the government are providing online learning for the seniors and hiring digital ambassadors to guide the seniors on how they can use their devices.

The Second Change

I would recommend Samsung to change their platform where they should look at Facebook, which is the top social media platform used by the seniors. During the pandemic period, this is one of the key communication tools they get to connect with their friends.

The Third Change

I will be introducing Influencer PR to Samsung, where I will recommend influencers that are opinion leaders who are able to influence the opinions and buying decisions of the seniors. The reason why I would tap on influencer PR is also because of the authenticity of the public where the seniors are more likely to give their public support to the brand with the help of the right influencers selected.

The two influencers that I would recommend Samsung is going to be the following:
(A screenshot of their Instagram will be used to determine which type of influencers they belong to.)

Henry Thia (Micro-Influencer)

The reason why I have selected Henry Thia is that he is very popular among the seniors and he often appears in the “Getai” scene where it is one of the common places that seniors often visit which make him a no stranger among the seniors.

Sujimy Mohamad (Micro-Influencer)

Sujimy is one of Singapore’s top Malay influencers which is recommended by a few of my friends and he’s vlog is often very popular among the Muslim community.

The Fourth Change

I will be recommending a Facebook Live content for both influencers. The purpose of Facebook live is to encourage seniors to find out how they can use different useful features for their Samsung mobile phone.

The above is a Facebook live content that the influencers will be sharing during the Live Session on Samsung Facebook page. Where the objective of the event is to educate the seniors on how they can use the Samsung mobile phone.

Factors that led to the final version of work Personal experience

I feel that there is a need to target the seniors where I found out from my grandmother that the digital online lesson by Digital:SG is not as useful where the arrangement of the function of the phone varies and she is unable to apply what she has learned from the online lesson.

By educating and caring for the seniors who use Samsung mobile phones this will help build reputation and differentiation from their competitors.


I feel that for Samsung to target the seniors using the digital media platforms is not easy, where seniors seldom use Social Media platforms. However, during the pandemic period, I do see that there is a rise in social media usage among seniors. For example, seniors all support a local “GeTai” singer Wang Lei on his Social Media channel by buying frozen food from him via Facebook.

With the rise of the social media channel among the seniors, Samsung should leverage this to create a positive perception with the seniors

Selecting of Influencers

I have recommended Samsung to work with two micro-influencers, Henry Thia and Sujimy Mohamad due to the following factors:

Trust – The opinions from micro-influencers tend to evoke a high degree of credibility and confidence from friends and followers.

High In Volume – With a large base of followers, the micro-influencers will be able to generate content at a larger scale.

Have Influencer – After doing some social listening from both Henry Thia and Sujimy Mohamad social media channel I have found out that they have been able to drive their followers to take the desired action, which during my research, I found out that many of the followers actually follow up their post by asking questions.

Effectiveness of the updated PR Object

With the help of changing the different public to seniors, the public will see Samsung as a brand who cares about the seniors and this will help Samsung to create a positive perception of the brand through this Facebook Live Campaign.

At the same time, with a change in platform, Samsung will still be able to create awareness of Samsung’s mobile phone despite the current pandemic situation where hosting of events is largely restricted. Lastly, by doing something different, something that has never been done before in the mobile industry. This will also drive public opinion and trends among the social media platforms where Samsung will be able to receive more publicity (Earned Media) as content writers are more likely to share something different from the usual mundane happenings.

Hence, with a change in platform and with additional publicity from the Earned Media, it will help Samsung to better establish and maintain mutually beneficial multifaceted relationships between their organisation and its various public.