Re-Create Object 1

For my first re-creating of PR Objects, I have chosen the PR object which talked about “Coca-Cola extending the Olympic sponsorship until 2032”. Which belongs to Event Participation (Sponsorships) of the PESO under the category of Paid Media.

In the previous sharing of PR Object, we understand how sponsorship can be beneficial for the company as the sponsoring of events has been very successful in terms of creating a strong presence due to the huge coverage of the Olympic games from all around the globe.

Reason for selecting the PR Objects

The Olympic Games is the upcoming viral topic that everyone will be talking about in the coming months and there is a need to maximize the public support given to Coca Cola. Knowing that Coca Cola will be spending a huge sum of money for the Olympic sponsoring. It is good to take advantage of and leverage on this huge spending. Coca Cola could also look at what are the avenues with which they can tap on to obtain more people to express their public opinion and receive more public support.

We can’t deny the fact that everyone is aware that Coca Cola presents in the traditional media (Television) is strong due to the massive coverage of The Olympics Games, however, in today’s world not everyone would be tuned-in to every Olympics game due to the fact that not everyone is interested in every sport. Moreover, there are too many shows for the viewers to select from. In which I feel that the potential gaps in establishing and growing the relationship between an organization and its audience could be solved.

The Changes Made

The First Change

One of the changes made for Coca Cola is to change in platforms. Where knowing that Coca Cola is strong with the traditional media coverage. I would recommend Coca Cola to tap into the Social Media platforms where such change will be able to target viewers who seldom spend their time on traditional media but tend to spend more time on the digital world while still having an interest in The Olympic games.

The Second Change

I will be introducing PR Content to Coca Cola, where I have created an infographic that will be helpful for people who are interested in the Olympic Games, attracting the right target audience by evoking an interesting topic that not many people know about. Last but not least, with the availability of the “Comment” and “Reply” section, the public will be able to evoke opinion from the public.

The above is an infographic created by me where I shared about the evolution of The Olympic Coverage, where it aims to share the brief history of The Olympic Games coverage that many might not know about. Such infographics that will be able to educate the viewers will encourage them to spend additional time viewing the infographic and to share it.

Factors that led to the final version of work Change in Platforms

By having Coca Cola to make a change in platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This will help Coca Cola to increase the awareness of their Sponsorships among people who often use these social media platforms which have many times more viewers than the traditional media. In addition, with a simple “Share” button that is available and commonly used on the 3 social media platforms, this will help Coca Cola to spread their company since it is conveniently accessible to everyone.

Last but not least, with the availability of the “Comment” and “Reply” section, the public will evoke opinion from the public.

Content PR

To come out with an effective Content PR, I have followed the framework for the planning content where it consists of Review current use of content > Define Objective and KPIs > Content Gap Analysis > Create Content Calendar

After reviewing the Sponsorship object, I feel that it is concerning when Coca Cola will not be able to gain public opinion and public support for the wide audience due to the fact that Sponsorship is a one-time thing, where the public opinion and public support will only last throughout The Olympic Games.

Effectiveness of the updated PR Object

With the help of the change in platforms, in this case from a Traditional Media to Digital Media, this will definitely help Coca Cola to gain a wider reach among the public. On the other hand, with the accessibility of the “comment” and “reply” segment, it will help to drive public opinion and trends to the public.

While for the infographic, instead of coming out with a totally different topic to garner the public attention. What I have done is to create content related to the business of the company, which will still emphasize The Olympic Games and Coca Cola’s extension of sponsorship until 2032. This will ensure that the objective remains the same. In addition to the sharing of the evolution of the Olympic Games which are often not known by many, this will be deemed as a good and interesting infographic where it will be used extensively by others.

To ensure that the public is aware of the company, a small logo of Coca Cola is included in the bottom of the infographic which makes it easy for people to spread the name of the company when the objects are being shared in digital media.

Hence, it is more effective with the help of changing the platforms and content PR.