Classroom A – Tutorial 2 (Public Opinion)

Group Project – #Tutorial Edition

During the tutorial lesson, my group and myself were tasked to present our opinion for Starhub’s public opinion video.

The campaign focuses on teaching students to know that no matter what results they get, their parents will still love them. As such, students will be given a special grade from their parents an hour before the release of the result where special grades include an A for being dramatic and being thoughtful.

The purpose of the campaign is to remind the parents that their children are more than their grade where it can help to boost the children’s morale and at the same time lessen the stress on them. Through this campaign, it has helped to change the public opinion to a positive point of view where parents should not look at just grades.

This has changed our opinion of the company in a positive way, as Starhub doesn’t only aim to provide a good internet connection, but to also establish a good connection with the family member.

What I have picked up from the sharing session

During the sharing session, Ms Elaine has also highlighted that the reason why Starhub would like to create a public opinion video on PSLE video is that, it is the period that the students will be receiving their first phone. This will trigger the parents to sign up a line with Starhub for their children’s first phone.

From the sharing session, I feel that an organisation may not need to create an advertisement sharing about only their product continually, but to look at other avenues like creating an effective ad that may not be relevant to the business yet being able to build a relationship with the customers. One of the examples is the Public Opinion advertisement that is done by Starhub.

In addition, the organisation should also look at creating a brand loyalty advertisement, for example an advertisement that has an objective to create a positive relationship with the younger generation. The organisation might not be able to generate immediate sales, however, once the younger generation starts to earn a stable income, they will remember the brand and subsequently support the brand. (A advertisement can have a long term goal)