Classroom A – Tutorial 3 (PR Plan)

Individual Project – #Tutorial Edition

During the tutorial lesson, I am being tasked to look for a PR Object and identify what category the object belongs to.

I have selected a Shared Media which the sub-category is Social Media Channels (Facebook). The object that I have shared in class is an update on M1 Broadband service where it addresses to the public on the current issue that some of the people (including myself) are facing. At the same time, public opinion is formed in the comment section.

I feel that Facebook is an excellent platform for PR Department to provide a live update to the customers. This is because the Social Media Channel can also be used as an essential tool for the technical support team where the number of calls will be reduced if the customer wants to know what has happened to their broadband services.

In addition, Straits Time has also noticed the Facebook updates from M1 and subsequently wrote an article about M1 Fibre Broadband Technical issue.

What I have picked up from the feedbacks

I learnt that it is very important for a company to have a live and instantaneous update to the customer in difficult times. If there are issues happening in the company, the PR needs to make sure that everybody in the company gives a unified type of response where PR will take over to draft messages in order to update the public about the current issue.