PR Objective 5 – Social Media Channels

PR Object 5

Sony Postpones Playstation 5 Launch Date

The object above is a Twitter Post (Social Media Channels) which is under the category of Shared Media. This post is about Sony making an announcement to gamers worldwide (consumer and users) that Sony will be postponing the release of the long-awaited Playstation 5 to a later date.

This post has attracted a lot of attention (121K Retweets) from all around the world as many PlayStation fans have been waiting for the launch date since the Playstation has announced that they will be launching the new console on June 4. The reason why Sony has decided to postpone the launch date is that they feel that the company should not push out a new product when the whole world is standing up against police brutality.

From a PR point of view, I can see that the reason why Sony would want to postpone the PlayStation 5 despite knowing that the demand of the console game is very high due to the COVID-19 situation. The company would not want the public to have an impression that Sony only cares about earning the revenue and therefore ignore the incident regarding police brutality. Thus, for Sony to decide to postpone its launch date, people around the world will have a better impression of the brand where they do care what is happening around the world.

My Comments

I feel that Sony has made the right move of postponing the product launch. I firmly believe that such a move has created a better impression on its brand and at the same time, protecting the company’s reputation. Also, for Sony to make such a bold move, they have benefited from many media coverage that is within the earned media. As such, the sales of Sony’s PlayStation5 is expected to be higher than its initial launch date.