PR Objective 4 – Community Management

PR Object 4

Xiaomi’s Forum – Mi Community

The object above is a Forum (Community Management) which is under the category of Shared Media. These platforms allow the consumer (Xiaomi users) to ask any questions about Xiaomi products and find out about the latest news and happenings about Xiaomi. The platform also allows Xiaomi users to interact with the marketing team (Community Managers) from a different region to win attractive prizes.

Xiaomi has been using their forum to hear from its users, as this platform is pre-installed to their mobile phones, making it easier for users to share their problems or find out what is the latest news about Xiaomi.

From a PR point of view, with the help of their own forum, the Public Relation teams from the different region are able to easily identify the current public opinion about the brand or products. With the help of this shared media, Xiaomi will be able to leverage on their products based on the public opinion or even neutralise the situation as soon as possible, if a negative public opinion were to be identified by the PR team.

The above is an example of how Xiaomi Community Manager, Chee Wai, identify the public opinion on how smart speakers should be. The opinion from the readers will be collated and sent to the engineering team to create a speaker that the market wants.

My Comments

I feel that the forum has benefited Xiaomi a lot. This has boosted the relationship between the brand and the consumers. With Xiaomi being a fan-oriented company, the company has done an excellent job where they learn from their consumers and implement what the fans want in future products. Such actions have created a positive relationship with the consumers where they feel that the company is taking their opinion as a consideration, making them feel that they are involved with the brand.