PR Objective 3 – Sponsorship

PR Object 3

Coca-Cola extends Olympic sponsorship until 2032

The PR object above is an Event Participation (Sponsorships) which is under the category of Paid Media. This event participation is about Coca Cola Sponsoring the Mega Event, Olympics Games. The sponsorship is beneficial for the company because such event participation will allow the brand to target consumers who are under the youth category.

Coca-Cola has been sponsoring the Olympic Games since 1928. In 2019, Coca-Cola extended its partnership agreement until 2032. Since then, the brand awareness of Coca-Cola has been increasing, and the company has established a strong presence due to the huge coverage of the Olympics game from all around the world.

Other than the Olympics Games, Coca-Cola is well known for sponsoring various huge sports events around the world. This creates an impression on the viewers that Coca-Cola is associated with sports. Oftentimes, when someone were to play a game or watch a sporting event, they would grab a coke due to the brand being associated with sports.

From a PR standpoint, Sponsorship is a component of public relation where it helps the brands to increase their reputation where it often builds brand awareness based on the media coverage and popularity of the events.

My Comments

I feel that Coca-Cola did an excellent job in term of coming out with the right strategy to sponsor an event. I am impressed that the company have come out with the sponsorship criteria.

The criteria for Coca-Cola to sponsor the events are as follows:

What we support:
• Events and initiatives related to an active, healthy lifestyle (leisure sports).
• Environmental protection-related programs (selective waste collection, waste recycling, water
management and climate protection).

What we DO NOT support:
• Political and religious activities. Our company maintains a consistently independent and
neutral political position and an attitude of equal respect for all religions. Accordingly, CocaCola Hungary does not prefer any political party, religion or religious denomination over
• Professional sports (either team or individual ones) and technical sports. We provide
sponsorship for these two areas on a global level (Olympic Games, Football World Cup, etc.).
On a local level, leisure sports are given special attention.
• Requests from private individuals. Our goal is to ensure that our sponsorships and
donations can reach the broadest possible range of those in need. Therefore, we cooperate
with and sponsor non-governmental organizations that are committed to channelling our
resources in an effective manner.
• Events targeting children under the age of 12. We have undertaken, both in Europe and
Hungary, not to advertise to children under the age of 12. We respect the primacy of parental
choice and the independence of education.

Extracted from The Coca-Cola Company

With such a great guideline for the brand’s sponsorship, this will definitely help the company to maintain and attract the right target audience, at the same time reducing the chances of the brand of The Coca-Cola Company being tarnished due to an inappropriate incident that might happen during a foreign event.