PR Objective 2 – Hosted Event

PR Object 2

Samsung Galaxy Studio

The object above is a Hosted Event which is under the category of both Paid Media & Owned Media. This event is about giving the visitors a walkthrough experience of Samsung’s Brand Journey where it is targeted to shoppers who shop around the town of Singapore which is categorized as a consumer/user.

This event has attracted many passersby to step into Samsung’s exhibition to experience the brand’s latest mobile phone. Other than showcasing the different functions of the new mobile phone, Samsung’s also include a design contest where visitors can design and submit their watch face designs for the Gear S2 for a chance to win one of three Gear S2.

During the event, Samsung has gained several positive public opinions where many think that new Samsung’s phone is capable of integrating with consumers’ daily lives. Such positive opinions existed because Samsung has done a good job by displaying how the mobile phone can be involved in a daily situation that is faced by many. For example, showing the visitors that their mobile phone is able to control the aircon without having a smart aircon due to it’s “IR Blaster”.

From a PR point of view, I can see that the reason why Samsung would host such an event to the public is that they want to conduct a specific one-time project supporting the launch of a new product, where such hosted events will be able to create the awareness of the new Samsung’s mobile phone in an interesting way.

My Comments

I feel that such PR campaign is effective as I stepped in the Galaxy Studio out of curiosity back in 2016. During that period, I am attracted by the brand as the event has created an excellent brand image for Samsung where they have to send out a message to the public that Samsung is a brand that cares about consumer experience rather than just producing a phone that people need. From then on, I have been a Samsung user until today.

Such an event is also successful to the extent that Samsung brings its Galaxy Studio to two different locations this year so as to gain more public awareness about the brand.