PR Objective 1 – Social Media Advertising

PR Object 1

Huawei Celebrates Singapore’s 54 years of nation-building

The object above is a Digital (Social Media Media Advertising) which is under the category of Paid Media. This advertisement is about Huawei celebrating Singapore’s 54th birthday by selling their Huawei Y6 Pro at only $54 for their target audiences who are aged 50 and above and playing a role as a consumer.

This advertisement has attracted a long queue of elderly queuing up to purchase the discounted mobile phone at various Huawei’s outlets since 5 am. However, many elderly are left angry and frustrated when most of them were turned away after the store manager shared that each store had fewer than 30 sets of the phone on offer.

During the incidents, many public opinions were formed in Huawei’s Facebook post. Many think that Huawei is not considerate for the elderly as many of them have to head down early to the store and stand in the long queue for an extended period to purchase the phone.

From a PR standpoint, I understand why Huawei would make such an advertisement on social media. They want to expand the organization outreach to a new audience. Once the elderly are used to the Huawei mobile phone and have a pleasant experience with it, they would most likely purchase a new mobile phone from Huawei. Another reason would be to reinforce ongoing effort to preserve public support as it was mentioned in the advertisement that they would want to give back to the generation that nurtured Singapore. This is to set an impression to the public that Huawei does care about the pioneer generation.

My Comments

I feel that such a PR campaign not only did not manage to meet its objective; it has also brought down the reputation of Huawei. One of the possible reasons I can think of is the company did not make use of the ROSTIR Planning model to plan the event. From the above situation, we can see that the company did work on a good implementation where the budgeting of the event is not carefully considered which caused Huawei to have insufficient mobile phones for sales which lead to them not being able to run the promotion properly.