Classroom A – Lecture 3 (PR Plan)

Which is the most important step in the ROSTIR in your opinion?

I feel that every step in the ROSTIR model is equally important. Every step of the model makes the planning and implementation of Public Relations events easier but impactful.

However, if I were to choose one, it would be the first steps of the ROSTIR model, research. Research forms the base of the entire planning process. With proper research, the organisation can identify the optimal strategy to create a successful Public Relation event. Additionally, adequate research prevents a company from spending too much money on its Public Relations campaign.

For instance, Apple might want to target its public relation efforts on seniors, who in this day and age have high spending power. However, research will present Apple with the fact that seniors are more likely to spend money on items such as outdoor gears and premium travel, not IT devices. Hence, Apple would have saved the money on a campaign that will be able to target a customer segment that is more willing to spend on IT Devices.

How do we ensure a good mix of PESO tactics in a campaign

A good mix of PESO tactics refers to how an organisation has carefully selected the right PESO tactics, which will allow the organisation to maximise the opportunities and at the same time covering the gaps in the communication strategy.

I have created a diagram to show an example of a bad mix of PESO Tactics,

From the diagram above, we can see that there are many gaps in PESO Tactics. This shows that the organisation does not have a good mix of PESO tactics.

From the above diagram, we can see that most of the gaps are covered by the different PESO tactics, which also shows that communication strategy is well-covered. On top of closing the gaps, an organisation should also carefully select the subcategory of the PESO chart. This will help create a successful campaign.

Paid and Shared media create awareness. However, the sub-category like a print advertisement doesn’t generally convince them to buy the service or product. To do that, the company should look at Earned media where it establishes credibility and owned media such as websites providing more information about the company.

With the above example, I genuinely believe that to have a good mix of PESO Tactics, a company need to understand more about their customer, like looking at the consumer journey mapping to identify which PESO tactics will be best at making their consumer journey better.

After identifying, the company should draw out the PESO Chart and fill up all the tactics. Subsequently, the company should spot for any gaps in the model. If there is a gap, they should look at how they can close up the gap by adding in other tactics.