Classroom A – Lecture 1 (Intro to PR)

The Initial Impression Of Public Relations

Whenever an incident that is detrimental to an organisation’s reputation occurs, its public relation team will engage the public and address questions posed by the media. Such events shaped my initially unpleasant impression of Public Relations.

I am also under the impression that one needs to have the ability to think on his or her feet to be part of the Public Relations team. This is to ensure that the Public Relation team representing the organisation can address the public and minimise further criticism from the public.

Knowledge About Public Relation Now

Public Relation teams promote an entire organisation rather than a product or service. PR aims to create an overall positive reputation, to create a better environment for the business to function in.

Telling the truth is extremely important in Public Relation as this will help to build up the credibility of the organisation. On top of being honest, building a good relationship between the media and company will always be beneficial for the organisation. One example would be if the media were to found out that the company have been providing false information to them, they would unlikely to help the company to publicise on their platforms as it may potentially tarnish the impression of the media for not providing accurate information.

Public Relation Agencies

Based on my research, I found some of the popular Public Relation Agencies are:

(Not in ranking order)

1. Bebop Asia (
2. COCO PR & Communication (
3. The Hoffman Agency (

About PR Agencies

Public Relation Agencies can help the organisation to work out communication strategies and messaging based on the organisation’s market, and tailor it’s strategies based on different needs by the organisation.

The copywriters and content creation team of the agencies will help the organisation to create the content that the businesses need after the PR agencies’ evaluation. The objects will then be shared among various channels.

PR Agencies will help the organisation to reach out to key influencers, online and offline media. By doing so, this will help the organisation to reach out to the target markets and generate more awareness of the brands.