Introduction of Virality

Viral Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses social media and word of mouth (WOM) to promote a service or product. This marketing strategy is more popular among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) due to two reasons; it is a cheaper alternative compared to traditional media and WOM is proven that it is seven times more effective than newspaper advertising.

Create a Viral Marketing Advertisement

Social Currency

It refers to the information that is provided to others and at the same time being able to describe one identity through different social channels. In short, people prefer to share what they think will increase their reputation in the eyes of others.

Therefore if a campaign is able to displays something new in the market, users will subconsciously want to share to their peers showing that they are aware of the latest innovation.

The video above is evidence of Social Currency, where a three months old video has gathered a total number of 38 million views in comparison with the iPhone 11 Pro introduction video that is release eight months ago that have garnered 37 million views.

The reason behind this is this because the Night mode is one of the newest features for this year iPhone. This makes people want to share with their peers to acknowledge that they are aware of this innovation. Such action has attracted 1 million more views despite it being uploaded five months later than the iPhone 11 Pro introduction video.


People like to share emotional experiences when someone feels something, he/she would want to share with their peers and experience it too. With an advertisement that is able to trigger an emotional response, it will increase the likelihood of it being shared.

I believe that everyone agreed that Thailand often came out with a fantastic video that often being shared around in our social media platforms. This is because many of their commercials often tap in the emotion of the video.

I understand that the best length for TV commercials is to be at 30 seconds if not viewers will lose their attention span and not have any chances to get the commercial to be shared by viewers. However, the 5 minutes long advertisement from VIZER CNS have proven that the emotions are effective at connecting with audiences and encourage viewers to share around their peers.

Public Visibility

By creating a contrast to highlight the product can help the consumer to identify your product in just a glance quickly.

Back during the 2000’s, most earphone cables were black. Today, many earphones often come in white, this is because many people are hit with Apple iconic iPod advertisement.

The advertisement featured a silhouette of a human with white earphone dancing to a soundtrack where the main focus of the video is directed at the white earphone and iPod. This makes people started to identify Apple iPod users based on the colour of their earphones.

With Apple creating a significant contrast among other users, people began to follow the trend. Everyone started to want an iPod, or at least the white earphones.

Key Take Away (Reflection)

With many businesses joining the industry, being able to stand out among the market is very important. Marketers like me should not restrict myself with a limited budget or limited equipment as based on the above studies, it proves that being able to understand consumer’s need and want is more effective in creating viral content.

Other than having empathy, we should also look at how we can immerse the viewers into the advertisement, this will be much more effective than sharing a story that they might not be interested in. One of the storyboarding that I can work on in future is definitely creating an emotional advertisement that the majority of my target audience will be able to relate. This will definitely help to reach out with more audience with a little ads spend.

Last but not least, upon doing the research, I feel that businesses should continue to tap on their successful viral advertisement by creating a sequel, this will further reduce the ads spend and at the same re-targeting at the audience to create a deeper impression with the brand.