Marketing Ai – Promotion

Selection Process

The AI Tools that I have curated, and I feel that it is suitable for Sennheiser for the promotion cases will be Firstly, the reason for my selection is because the AI tool has a simple interface which makes it user-friendly, and the deployment of the promotion will take not more than 5 minutes. Secondly, can recommend a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Sennheiser, which is a measurable value that demonstrates how effective they are in achieving the critical business objectives, which in this case is to target the youths to make a transaction on the True Wireless Momentum 2. Lastly, supports the three massive online advertising platforms that include Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

Promotion Case: Adjust digital ad spend in real-time by channel and audience

Internet To Take Majority Of Ad Spending By 2022: PwC - B&T

Sennheiser has been in the audio industry for the past 75 years, which, therefore, the company has a dynamic audience base. Sennheiser’s users who have interacted with their products or websites are constantly changing where this will lead to different results despite being in the same group of audiences. This makes it necessary for Sennheiser to have an AI tool that helps to optimise the ads according to these Dynamic Audiences.

With a great AI tool, it can help Sennheiser to define the best performing audiences, manage budget intelligently and recommend the company to include more budget to the top-performing digital ads.

ADEXT Acquires MyCampaign / MiCampañ is a machine learning tool that can help Sennheiser to augment the company’s potential by analysing the data that the company has provided and made intelligent decisions such as identifying the most profitable youths segment at the right time. With such machine learning tools, Sennheiser will be able to maximise their revenue with their advertising budgets.

Step 1

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

The first step of the process is to select the ad group that Sennheiser would like to publish, which is shown in image 1 to 3.

Step 2

After selection of the Ads group, Adext will generate one thousand different ads to determine which are the better ads. This work is the same as A/B testing. However, it is much more straightforward with the help of Adext as the AI will generate one thousand different ads each day and then recommend the best ads to Sennheiser. This will then allow Sennheiser to determine which are the most effective advertisements to target the youths.

My Reflection

The target audience for the ads should be significant as Sennheiser should pay for the right target audience to click into the web page to make a transaction for the Sennheiser Momentum 2 eventually, therefore, with Sennheiser can quickly identify which ads can receive a higher conversion rate and spend more on the advertisement to gain better sales from the youths.

Nevertheless, the main objective for the promotion is to achieve a high Return On Advertisement Spend (ROAS). This is because it is always the best to maximise earning with the given budget.