Marketing Ai – Production

Selection Process

The AI Tools that I have curated, and I feel that it is most suitable for Sennheiser for the Production cases will be & Grammarly. The reason for my selection is because since creating the company’s first impression is important; the tool must create a professional, fully functional website quickly and easily without any complicated functions for the business. On the other hand, the tool needs to be foolproof, to the extent where Sennheiser will not need any professionals to create or update the e-commerce store.

Production Case: Design websites

The Estate Apps Website Development Process | Estate Apps

In order for Sennheiser to increase its conversion rate and remain competitively strong in the audio industry, the company needs to create the right e-commerce user experience for the right demographic group, which in this case, will be the youths. With the help of the AI Planning tools, Sennheiser is able to use the identified insights to reflect on the suitable website for the youths.

Small Business Marketing Blog | Bookmark is a website creation platform for people without coding experience. This platform allows Sennheiser to create a professional e-commerce store in less than a day with the help of AiDA (Artificial intelligence Design Assistant). The website will be built based on the Sennheiser’s needs, business and content. If the website created does not meet the company’s standards, they will have features to recreate on the spot.

Step 1

Sennheiser can now create an eCommerce platform by answering a few questions. The questions above will guide the organisation to create an optimised website based on their wants and needs. This is possible with the help of the Artificial Intelligence of the website. These instantaneous decisions are powered by sophisticated deep reinforcement learning relevant to the specific industry.

Step 2

Within 30 seconds, a website will be generated based on how Sennheiser have answered the questions. In this case, we can see that the created site is very professional, which suits the image of Sennheiser. However, the content of the website will not be what Sennheiser wants, and therefore Sennheiser will need to re-adjust the message on the platforms.

Production Case: Analyse (and score) text for grammar, sentiment, tone and style.

By creating a professional image of the e-commerce platforms, it is insufficient to attract the youths. The company needs to ensure that the platforms have the right tone and language to create a better engagement with its targeted audience (youths). Furthermore, based on my research from a public relations website, Agility PR Solutions, it was mentioned that poor spelling and grammar are highly damaging to a company’s branding and credibility. As such, an AI tool that can analyse the grammar and tone of the website will act as a preventive measure to ensure such incidents will not happen to Sennheiser and better target the youths.


Grammarly@EDU | Trusted by over 1000 Educational Institutions ...

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant where it can help Sennheiser to check the tone of their messages before they proceed with the publishing on websites or google ads. In addition, Grammarly can help Sennheiser to eliminate errors and recommend suitable words to better express the company’s message. With such tools, Sennheiser will rank higher when being searched.

Step 1

To ensure that Sennheiser will be able to capture the right audience, setting the right impression is extremely important. This is where Sennheiser will have to set some goals for their text messages to get received optimised feedback and correction for the text that will be displayed on the websites.

Step 2

The text is extracted from Sennheiser websites, and the above screenshot, we can see that Grammarly recommends some edits to improve the tone of the website. Which in this case, I have selected the intention of the text to “Tell a story”.

Also, on the top right-hand corner, and the overall score will be displayed, and Sennheiser should use it as a benchmark to update the text to create effective messages that can be posted on the websites.

My Reflection

In this case, creating an excellent website is never enough; Sennheiser should pay full attention to how they can set a good impression on potential buyers (youths). As such, they should use Grammarly to enhance user experience. However, Sennheiser should not entirely depend on these Ai tools as based on my testing; I do feel that some of the recommendations that are suggested by Grammarly might not be the best choice. While there, I would recommend Sennheiser to seek feedback among the youths before publishing the webpage.