Marketing Ai – Planning


Selection Process

The AI tools that I have curated, and I feel that it is most suitable for Sennheiser will be Mnemonic AI and The reason for my selection is because from my understanding of AI from the course, AI for Everyone, getting a job done is not enough. a better AI needs to be fed with data to generate an accurate product, which in this case will be the ideal buyer personas. In addition, the interface should not be difficult as the objective of AI is to simplify the work done.

Planning Case: Construct buyer personas

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Every customer is unique, all of them have different characteristics that will define their buying habits, therefore, being able to construct a buyer persona is extremely important. The buyer personas help the businesses to describe who their ideal customers are, the days they would often make a purchase, the challenges that they faced and the way they make decisions.

By introducing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing tool that can generate buyer personas with raw excel data / Google Analytics, this will help Sennheiser to generate detailed and accurate ideal buyer personas. Hence, it will help the company to ensure that all activities involved in acquiring and serving their customers are tailored to the targeted buyer’s needs. With such AI tools, this will better enhance the sales of Sennheiser latest true wireless earbuds, Momentum 2 for the youths.

Mnemonic AI

AI generated personas - Mnemonic AI

Mnemonic AI is a dedicated platform that helps Sennheiser to generate personas through data sets. Mnemonic AI uses deep neural networks that allow the platform to better analyse the customers and prospects on their purchase behaviours to identify the different key users for the company.

Step 1

With a simple interface, the only thing that Sennheiser will need to do is to upload a CSV file (this file can be extracted out from google analytics or use their existing spreadsheet data of customers) to generate a persona.

Afterwards, Sennheiser can select how distinct the single personas are. Which I would recommend setting as 100 because the more distinct the persona can be, the easier it will be to identify the correct target segment of the youths that will be more likely to make a conversion via the eCommerce websites.

Step 2

Ai generated persona example

The above is an example of a generated Persona that is generated by Mnemonic Ai, with a detailed persona generated Sennheiser will be able to identify insights to get a better understanding of the youths target segment.

Planning Case: Capture competitive intelligence

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Competitive Intelligence is the process of collecting and analysing information about the competitors to improve on the strategy and tactics. Such information and analysis can help companies to have a greater understanding of what’s happening within the market.

Having a competitive intelligence will be an advantage for Sennheiser where such marketing tools will be able to help the company to capture the persona of Sony’s and leverage on their strategies to capture more audiences who can be the potential customers for Sennheiser’s Momentum 2. Besides the importance of understanding the buyer’s behaviour, it is also vital for Sennheiser to remain competitively strong in the audio market too. Sennheiser’s competitor, Sony, has released their true wireless earbuds, Sony WF 1000MX 3 to compete with the Momentum.

Delve AI: Create data-driven personas automatically is a similar platform as Mnemonic AI as both platforms can generate personas. However, I feel that is stronger with its function in capturing competitive intelligence where it allows Sennheiser to research on its competitors and generate a competitor persona. Such competitor persona can help Sennheiser to identify if there are any gaps that Sennheiser can capture the attention of the unidentified market of the youths to increase the sales of the Momentum True Wireless 2.

Step 1

Instead of spending hours doing observation research at the competitor’s store, Sennheiser can now type their competitor URL on platform and let generate Sony’s persona.

Step 2

In less than an hour, a report will be generated and sent it to Sennheiser email address.

Step 3

A detailed persona will be seen when Sennheiser was to click in the persona. Such persona will be useful where they can understand more about their competitors buyers and come out with a new strategy to target more youth audiences.


I feel that with two strong AI tools that can generate personas for both Sennheiser and its competitors, that will create a huge advantage of being able to have a deeper understanding of the youths. With a clear understanding of the youth, Sennheiser will stand out more as compared to their competitors as the youth will be more attracted to the organisation who can understand them more.