Marketing Ai – Personalisation

Selection Process

The AI Tools that I have curated, and I feel that it is suitable for Sennheiser for the Personalisation cases will be Recommendation AI by Google & Salesforce. The reason for my selection is because both tools offer more flexibility in its machine learning architectures. With the generated unique persona, we can see that the buying behaviours of each individual vary. Therefore, with an AI tool that provides more flexible adjustments for it, machine learning architectures will create a more personalised user experience for the youths.

Personalisation Case: Deliver predictive product recommendations

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With the help of an AI tool, it will automatically learn and analyse the youth’s behaviour across other webpages or applications. The descriptive data models and collaborative filtering techniques will be used to differentiate the different buying behaviours and along with the youths historical data, a list of relevant, predicted recommendations would be recommended to the youths when visiting the e-commerce sites. This will help Sennheiser to recommend the True Wireless Momentum 2 when the targeted audience clicks on the wrong audio equipment that might not be suitable for their behaviour.

Recommendation AI by Google

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Recommendation AI is a machine learning platform that allows Sennheiser to build a personalised recommendation system based on state-of-the-art deep learning ML models, without a need for expertise in coding or recommendation systems. Machine learning will enable Sennheiser to integrate and test different algorithms to achieve favourable results.

Process for Recommendation AI

The above is a screenshot of the architectures, where it can see that Sennheiser need to feed the Artificial Intelligence with their customer’s data and product catalogue data in order to generate customised recommendations.

Based on the architectures, we can see that the AI is flexible to the extent that Sennheiser will be able to select the recommendation type, objective and business rule. With such flexibility, this will not only generate an accurate product recommendation for the youth but also generate a product that Sennheiser is more willing to promote (in some cases, product that has a high-profit margin).

Personalisation Case: Personalize content, offers and web experiences with images, text and CTAs

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Sennheiser can leverage on their ABM (Account-Based Marketing) strategy by having a personalised content powered by Artificial Intelligence. With the help of AI, Sennheiser can discover new prospects and follow them through the sales funnel, deliver personalised advertisements and customer journeys, and deliver deep data insights that your sales and marketing teams can use to personalise customer experiences.

Salesforce (Einstein)

Salesforce Einstein - GreenLight Rights

Salesforce Einstein is a web assistant that is powered by AI that will help Sennheiser to discover the cause of an unexpected business outcome. It helps to analyse the data and identify the significant patterns and trends to create a personalised user experience.

Step 1

The above is an attribute mapping from Salesforce Salesforce Einstein. Such mapping allows the eCommerce platforms to have content that is personalised to the visitors. In this case, the asset attributes “lang” matches the consumer attributes, which refers to the eCommerce platforms that will display a different language that will be based on the consumer’s preferred language. (For example, if the default language of the PC is set to Chinese, the website will display in Chinese) this will ensure that Sennheiser will be able to capture all their targeted audiences.

Other than a personalised webpage, Salesforce also supports personalised email, which can be very useful to attract the youth back to the website and view at more about Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless Earbuds. This time with a personalised email, the youth will be more attracted to the earbuds due to personalised content.

For example, if Ai has detected that the youth is someone who likes sports a lot and at the same time, Sennheiser has uploaded “assets” to target sports enthusiasts. The youth will be receiving images of athletes that use the earbuds or even features that support sports activities like the “waterproof functions”.

My Reflection

With a website that can personalise to the user attribute, this will capture the attention of the youths. This is well supported with the fact that nobody will remain at a website that they are not interested in.

Also, to fully utilise the functions, Sennheiser should add more attributes based on the Persona (Planning) so that they will see more conversion and impression for the eCommerce site.