Marketing Ai – Performance

Selection Process

The AI Tool that I have curated, and I feel that it is suitable for Sennheiser for the promotion cases will be Salesforce. The reason for selecting Salesforce as an AI tool for performance is because it provides a detailed dashboard with a simple visualisation of charts that will allow Sennheiser to monitor the performance of the eCommerce sites in terms of sales and targeting of the right audiences in just one glance. Salesforce enables Sennheiser to track every customer interaction from a single source of truth which is less complicated compared to other Ai tools that have many tabs.

Promotion Case: Monitor activities and outcomes

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Keeping track of marketing activities and outcomes are essential to keep the businesses going. With an AI tool that can help Sennheiser to set clear goals and auditing the company’s Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) regular allows the company to identify the strengths and weakness of the digital marketing campaign, understand the youth’s preferences, build a strong online reputation, and adjust Sennheiser marketing tactics to the industry trends.


Salesforce - Wikipedia

Salesforce Lightning is a machine learning tool that provides Sennheiser with a variety of ways to keep track of the activity of the visitor who has interaction within the eCommerce site. This will help the company to make sure that the organisation is moving in the right direction to target the youths to purchase the True Wireless Momentum 2 earbuds.

Also, salesforce comes with proactive monitoring features which will help Sennheiser to detect and help fix issues instantaneously to keep the eCommerce sites running optimally.

Step 1

There are many dashboards provided by Salesforce. However, the one that I will recommend Sennheiser will be the Lightning Adoption’s dashboard.

Step 2

With Salesforce’s detailed and simplified dashboard, Sennheiser can get insights from the dashboard to determine the good and bad of the eCommerce side.

Some examples are:

Based on the results, we can see that most of the users are using iPhone 8 to browse the site and therefore, Sennheiser needs to make sure that their website is well optimised for iPhone 8. This will ensure that the broad audience will get a good user experience.

My Reflection

I feel that other than using an AI tool to monitor the activities and outcome of the eCommerce site. Having a good knowledge of Marketing Analytics and Product and Service marketing is extremely important. The reason is that, without such knowledge, one will not be able to understand the reason behind the results or even work in the wrong direction. One example can be like what I have stated above, there could be many reasons why one user can remain on the same page for a long time.

It is always better to interview different users to support the finding. With a clearer understanding of the users, a marketer can then work on how to improve the eCommerce sites with Product and Service marketing where we focus on what is good and identify how we can make the service/product better.


With the help of this portfolio assignment, I truly understand that Ai will not be able to replace one’s job however it will be able to make a job easier. It will be efficient for Sennheiser to have many Ai tools to improve on the businesses but being able to apply the marketing knowledge with the help of the Ai tools will be more ideal as it can maximize the effect of the Ai tools.

In addition, Data is extremely important for Ai tools. This is because the results generated from a limited number of data will not be as accurate as compared to a result that is generated with millions of data. As such a company should start collecting data from consumers so as to better predict the consumer’s purchase decision.